Visitors Facilities

The National Zoological Park is providing following facilities to its visitors:


Rate: Rs. 5.00 Per Item                            Timing: 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM

Every luggage should be locked properly before depositing.

Don’t leave your cash / valuables / ornament / camera / mobile / laptop in the luggage to be kept at Clock Room. The Clock Room does not take any responsibility for the same.

Keep safety the key of your luggage with you.

The luggage will be returned only on production of authorized coupon issued by the Clock Room Staff at the time of depositing luggage/belongings. In case the coupon is lost luggage will be returned only to the satisfaction of the Clock Room Authorities after producing/proving proper ownership/identification of the depositor.

Dos and Don’ts

Please do not feed the animals. Animals are given balanced diet. Overfeeding spoils their health and sometimes they die if get wrong food.

Please do not tease animals.

Please do not cross barriers. You may risk being seriously injured if cross them. The animals can bite or claw you.

Please do not damage trees, flowers and lawns.

Please do not play Radio, Tape Recorder and Musical Instruments. Animals do not like to disturbed.

Please do not bring pets, firearms and weapons of any kind in the park.

Please put all your garbage in dustbins.

Please do not bring packets or polythene in the park.

Some Basic Information Must Read by Visitors

The basic information about the entrance fee and zoo ethics have been displayed prominently at the entrance of the zoo. Moreover, it is broadcast over the Public Address System at the entrance in Hindi and English during zoo entry hours.

The zoo has its own parking complex at the entrance for the visitors.

The Directional and orientation signage are available at prominent places in the zoo. 

Moreover, Map of the zoo is also displayed prominently at vantage points in the zoo.

Each enclosure of the animals is provided with the animal signage wherein basic information about the animals is available.

The Zoo Guide Map is available at the ticket window on payment. The foreign visitors are provided a map free of cost since its price is included in their entrance fee. Other zoo publications may be purchased from the office of the Director on all working days of the Government of India.

The zoo has Walking Trail for visitors to see animals on foot. The person on wheel chairs may also use this trail.

The zoo has provided Nine Toilets and one Urinals at different locations in the zoo for the convenience of the visitors.

The best way to see the animals is to move about on foot in the zoo. However, some visitors are not able to walk to enjoy their zoo visit because of various reasons. Keeping in view the need of such visitors, we have provided 12 numbers of pollution free Battery Operated Trolleys on hire basis. This trolley is operated by private agency.

The drinking water is very important necessity of the visitors. Accordingly we have ensured that drinking water is available at short distances throughout the zoo. There are Fifteen Water Coolers with water purification facility. The water at these points are available free of cost.

The eatables are not allowed inside the zoo in view of safety and security of the zoo animals. However, to help visitors to have some refreshments while inside the zoo bottle drinking water, tea, coffee, ice-cream and soft drinks are provided at designated sales outlets.

The cleanliness of the entire campus is not only aesthetic necessity but also helps us to keep our animals in perfect health free from diseases. As such we have provided dustbins throughout the zoo.

There are rain shelters throughout the Zoo.

The zoo has provided 250 resting benches in the zoo. These benches has been placed at all animal enclosures, toilets, urinals and drinking water points as well as at the entry of Zoo for visitors to take rest.

The physically challenged visitors may collect the wheel chairs at the entrance of the zoo free of cost. They have to return the wheel chairs at the same place after their visit of zoo.

Pram Service is available at 1st gate which the mother alongwith babies could avail free of cost.

A pota baby feeding cabin is established near Beat no-8 which the mother having their babies can avail for feeding breast milk to the babies.

The visitors may sometimes get minor injuries or may need medical aid while enjoying their zoo visit. As such the First Aid facility is available at following different locations in the zoo:

At the main entrance of the zoo near Booking Counter,

At the office of the Director of the zoo,

At the Veterinary Hospital, and

At the Range Office near koshminar.

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