Education section aims to fulfill basic requirement behind creation of Zoo. It is to provide awareness and information regarding wildlife and different related issues. So essentially it has to do the following activities:

  1. Collect and summarize information from different sources.
  2. Present it in interesting format and medium.
  3. Create and maintain education related infrastructure.

​So it is involved in publication of brochure, maps etc. conduct of lectures, workshops, provide platform for participative activities, provide signage information to Engineering section, maintaining of information booths.
To fulfill one of the objective of zoo management, NZP is constantly organizing Conservation Education and Awareness Programmes to sensitise and win over people for the cause of nature conservation in the Zoo in following ways:

Celebration of various Days, events as per Master Plan as well celebrating MoEF& CC Programmes.

One of the objectives of National Zoological Park is to provide unforgettable visitor experience. Inspire them to support and contribute to the cause of conservation of wildlife, habitat and water. Provide opportunities for passive recreation.

Interpretation Plan

Target audience

Millions of people, all over world visit Zoo. They come to Zoo because they have an interest in animal in one way or another. Zoo visitors form target audience for informal education. However, students may be considered as main target population. In addition to this, other target groups can also be reached through outreach program. Zoo Education is a holistic discipline, targeted at zoo visitors, staff and wider community. National Zoological Park attracts 1.7 million visitors from diversified education, economic and cultural background. They belong to all age groups. On any working day, 3000 to 4000 visitors visit the Zoo and this number increases to 15 to 20 thousand on weekends. According to a survey they spend, on an average two to three hours in the park. NZP has about 5591 trees belonging to 125 species.

NZP can impart informal education to vast and diversified visitors different ways and the details are shown in the approved master planas well as we are celebrating from 2017-18.

Zoo Events Calendar

It is important that educational and awareness program should continue round the year. A zoo event calendar is developed to organize such activities which are shown in table below:

S. No. Date What Programme
1. Jan 14-30 Animal welfare fort night Animal welfare board of India has declared this fort night as Animal welfare fort night. School and College groups can be made aware of the aim of the fort night by organizing talks, presentation by zoo staff, Veterinarian, Director, Curators and other resource persons.
2. Jan-12 National Youth Day During this week, programme like Zoo volunteers or Youth club can be initiated. Volunteers may be given orientation about Zoo affairs and how they can be associated, can be worked out.
3. Feburary-2 Word Wetland Day On this date ‘Ramsar convention on Wet land’ was signed. NZP has five Wetlands where different species in-habit. A trip to Zoo wetland can be organised for scheduled groups where importance of wetland and its in inhabitants can be discussed. A short film on the subject may be also shown. A Painting competition for school children can also be organized on this day.
4. 3 March World Wildlife Day Possession, pledge / taking oath for conservation of wildlife as well as interaction with school /college student groups are organized to create awareness among youths.
5. March, 20 World Sparrow Day Possession, pledge / taking oath for conservation of wildlife as well as interaction with school /college student groups are organized to create awareness among youths.
6. March-21 World Forestry Day mportance of Forest in our life can be discussed, Film on different Forest ecosystems can also be shown on this date.
7. March-22 World Water Day Water is a life line for all living organisms. Its conservation is most important. Visitors, school, college student groups can be targeted. NZP’s water management scheme can be discussed and shown. In Zoo, how much water is needed for bath? Of Elephant or Tiger etc can be highlighted.
8. March-23 World Meteorological Day Meteorological department forecasts climate. Zoo animal protection on species behavior can also be discussed.
9. April-7 World Health Day A general health check up of zoo staff may be arranged. How animal catch diseases from Zoo keeper (Human) and vice-versa can be one of the topic of discussion. Zoo Vet can be main speaker.
10. 18th April World heritage Day Possession, pledge / taking oath for conservation of wildlife as well as interaction with school / college student groups are organized to create awareness among youths.
11. April, 23rd Earth Day Possession, pledge / taking oath for conservation of wildlife as well as interaction with school /college student groups are organized to create awareness among youths.
12. May-22 International Bio–diversity day NZP is a show case of Bio- diversity. Diversity of life form of the Zoo can form a basis of talk. Talks and film on these aspects can be arranged for visitors.
13. June-5 World Environment Day June-5 World Environment day NZP should make a point to improve overall environment of the enclosures on this day. This will improve the environment not only animal enclosures but also of Zoo as whole.
14. June 1st Week International Volunteer Week Volunteer orientation programme may be inducted. New Volunteers may also be enrolled.
15. June-18 International Picnic Day Visitors should be informed that Zoo is not just picnic place by exhibiting posters and film shows. So they should not bring food or other eatables.
16. 21st June International Yoga Day Awareness camp regarding healthy and fitness through Yoga is being organized.
17. July 1st week Vanmahotsava NZP has ample area for plantation. This occasion should be utilized by planting more and more seedlings (local species) in and around enclosures and road sides. School children can be involved in this programme.
18. 29th July International Tiger Day Awareness is created by celebrating the day which generates massive awareness specially among youths.
19. August-6 Friendship Day Friends of NZP, scheme can be initiated by involving volunteers. These friends of Zoo will assist in various awareness and other activities of the park.
20. Raksha Bandhan 7th August Rakhis are tied with models of animals in the parks as well as with various plants by the school student groups by way of which it creates huge awareness for conservation of biodiversity.
21. August 2nd or 3rd week Rakshabandhan NZP should develop Plant- Animal ‘Rakhis’ for distributing to public to convey message of bonding between human being, and animal and plants. School children can also be involved in this event.
22. Independence Day 15th August Cleanliness drive is organized.
23. September-17 World Tourism Day Tour operators may be involved for this occasion. They should be asked to include visit of Zoo in its itinerary, by offering them attractive packages like concession in tickets, free zoo guides, interaction with zoo authority, reserve trolley and dinning in Restaurant etc.
24. Harit Diwali Celebration A campaign is organized for celebrating Diwali without crackers and also saplins are planted.
25. 1st Monday of October Word Habitat Day Main aim should be to improve habitat of the zoo inmate’s enclosures. A talk can be arranged on the importance of habitat, its causes of depletion and role of general public in its conservation.
26. October 1st Week Wild Life Week Like other Zoos in country, NZP also celebrates “Wild life Week’ by organizing various competition for school children. This type of activity should continue. Free entry should be given to children.
27. October-16 World food day Visitors should be told about importance of food for living organism. How Zoo procures different food articles. How much and which type of food is needed for a particular species can be discussed.
28. 1st November Foundation Day Various competitions like Quiz are organized among staff.
29. November-14 Children day NZP can conduct competition for children on this day, on the theme - ‘Zoo of my dream or most attractive animal’. Offer free entry to Children.
30. December-1st Week Zoo-week NZP may organize orientation course for zoo staff to motivate them. Films on the different aspects of Zoo management can be shown Zoo cleanliness drive may be undertaken.

Plans are shall be worked out by Education Staff in consultation with Volunteers’ /NGO/ School/ College and Zoo staff.

Educational Outreach

For educational outreach following programme to be undertaken:

  1. Animal birthday celebration
  2. New arrival in the zoo may be celebrated
  3. Naming ceremony
  4. Animal birthday specific animal weeks
  5. Photo exhibition

For other groups programme are to be followed as designed in the Master Plan.
Arrangements will be made to visualize those animals to the visitors which are not display area but in animal houses through CCTV camera facing the animals and a screen may be displayed in the visitor side maintaining air cooler during summer.

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