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have more enriched environment for the animals, quality of animal exhibits, conservation education and sustainable management practices. We are working towards generating awareness and compassion in the society towards wildlife and to garner their support for the national conservation effort. We also thrive to play an effective role in species preservation and reducing man animal conflicts in urban landscape.

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There are around 200 varieties of trees in Delhi Zoo including trees and plants of medicinal importance.

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National Zoological Park is home to a large number of species of birds, reptiles and mammals which live in an environment that in many ways resemble their natural habitat. The zoo not only provides a home for endangered species, but also helps them to breed well in captivity. Some of the special attractions at the Zoo include White Tiger, Gaur, Jaguar, Rhinoceros, Elephants, Brow-antlered Deer (Sangai), Lion-tailed Macaque, Migratory birds (during winters) etc.


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