Not Permitted in the Zoological Park

    1. Eatables except Milk for Infants.
    2. All types of Tobacco/Alcoholic Products.
    3. Match Box / Lighter.
    4. All types of Inflammable Material.
    5. Polythene Bags.
    6. All types of Bags, except Ladies Purse, Laptop / Camera with Case.
    7. All types of Musical /Sound Producing Instruments.
    8. Fire arms / Blades / Knifes / Scissors and Other sharp edged articles.

Thank You for your Co-operation
National Zoological Park

The zoos in the country are operated under the provisions of Section 38H of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 and rules framed thereunder. The major provisions of this Act relevent for zoos is as below.

  No zoo shall be operated without being recognised by the Authority.

Provided that a zoo being operated immediately before the date of commencement of the Wildlife (Protection) Amendment Act, 1991 may continue to operate without being recognised for a period of [eighteen months from the date of such commencement] and if the application seeking recognition is made within that period, the zoo may continue to be operated until the said application is finally decided or withdrawn and in case of refusal for a further period of six months from the date of such refusal.
  On and after the commencement of the Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Act, 2002, a zoo shall not be established without obtaining the prior approval of the Authority.
  Every application for recognition of a zoo shall be made to the Authority in such form and on payment of such fee as may be prescribed.
  Every recognition shall specify the conditions, if any, subject to which the applicant shall operate the zoo.
  No recognition to a zoo shall be granted unless the Authority, having due regard to the interests of protection and conservation of wildlife, and such standards, norms and other matters as may be prescribed, is satisfied that recognition should be granted.
  No application for recognition of a zoo shall be rejected unless the applicant has been given a reasonable opportunity of being heard.
  The Authority may, for reason to be recorded by it, suspend or cancel any recognition granted under sub-section (4):

Provided that no such suspension or cancellation shall be made except after giving the person operating the zoo a reasonable opportunity of being heard.
  An appeal from an order refusing to recognise a zoo under sub-section (5) or an order suspending or canceling a recognition under sub-section (6) shall lie to the Central Government.

An appeal under sub-section (7) shall be preferred within thirty days from the date of communication to the applicant, of the order appealed against:

Provided that the Central Government may admit any appeal preferred after the expiry of the period aforesaid if it is satisfied that the appellant had sufficient cause for not preferring the appeal.

  38I. Acquisition of animals by a zoo
  Subject to the other provisions of this Act, no zoo shall acquire, sell or transfer any wild animal or captive animal specified in Schedules I and II except with the previous permission of the Authority.
  No zoo shall acquire, sell or transfer any wild or captive animal except from or to a recognized zoo.
  38J. Prohibition of teasing, etc., in a zoo

No person shall tease, molest, injure or feed any animal or cause disturbance to the animals by noise or otherwise, or litter the grounds in a zoo.