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  Red Jungle Fowl (Gallus gallus)  
  Experts And Expertise Available To Share In The Region:The NZP has the following qualified   and experienced persons for the upkeep of the species:  
  1. Animal Care:
    1. Joint Director IFS
    2. Biological assistant cum zoo ranger Doctorate in wildlife has got 9 years of working in this zoo.
    3. Head Zoo keepers- matriculate but have experience more than 20 years in the handling of animal.
  2. Veterinary Care:
  3. There is a well equipped veterinary hospital in the campus with all modern facilities for testing, diagnosing, treating, hand rearing etc. The veterinary hospital includes the following steps.
    1. Veterinary Officer- M.VSc with more than 15 years of working experience in this zoo.
    2. Assistant veterinary Officer - B.VSc. with some experience of working in a zoo.
    3. Lab assistant – B.Sc. with 20 years of experience.
    4. Veterinary compounder – trained veterinary compounder.
    There is a committee for health care and treatment of animals in NZP.
  The terms of reference of the committee are as follow:  
  1. Assessments of present Health Care and Diagnostic facilities in the NZP.
  2. Proper action plan fro improvement of Health Care facilities.
  3. Preparation of Manual of “Prevention & Treatment of zoo Animals”
  4. Guide and help zoo staff in proper upkeep and health care of zoo animals.
  5. Guide and help zoo staff in proper analysis of post-mortem reports and use of inferences so derived for prevention and treatment.
  6. Monitoring of disinfection schedule, administering of prophylactic drugs, quality of feed and general hygiene of the enclosures.
  The committee would have the following constitution:  
1. Director, NZP, New Delhi Chairman
2. Dr. Ram Kumar. Member Secretary Indian Veterinary Council Member
3. Dr. (Col) Ram Singh Rawat Office of ADG, RVS, R.K. Puram New Delhi Member
4. Veterinary Doctor, incharge, Moti bagh Dispensary Member
5. Representative of IVRI, Izatnagar, Bareily Member
6. Representative of Hissar Agricultural University Member
7. Representative of Mathura Veterinary College Member
8. Dr. P.K. Malik, Faculty Member, WII, Dehradun Member
9. Dr. N. Panreer Selvem, NZP Member Secretary
  The committee would meet at least once in 3 months.

The veterinarians from the IVRI Izzatnagar Barely, Veterinary College Hissar are also consulted from time to time. Beside this species specialist are also contracted whenever needed.
  Housing Facilities For Indian Rhino Inthe Zoo:  
  Enclosure Details Rhinoceros:There are 14 cage for the display of Red Jungle Fowl they all are identical in size. The detail of enclosure is given as under.  
  Size of display area : L= 8 m, W = 4 m
  : 32 square meter
  Conservation And Breeding Programme:The CZA has formulated a plan to breed the animal in captivity in planned way. The following zoos have been assigned this work as under:  
  1. Coordinating Zoo
    1. Morni
  2. Participating Zoos
    1. Chail , Himanchal Pradesh
    2. National Zoological Park, New Delhi
    3. Aizawl Zoo
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