The affairs of the National Zoological Park are managed by ten sections of the zoo, each under an officer or supervisor. They are Administrative Section, Animal Section, Veterinary Section, Sanitary Section, Stores Section, Education Section, Research Section, Garden Section, Security Section and Maintenance Section.

The Administrative work of the zoo including establishment matter and finances are looked after by the Administrative Section headed by the Administrative Officer. He is assisted by the Office Superintendent and other ministerial staff.

The Animal Section is the lifeline of the zoo and its major job is to take care of the feed and upkeep of the animals and their well being. This section is headed by Zoo Ranger who reports to the Joint Director. The Joint Director is overall responsible person for all matters related to the animals housed in this zoo. The Head Keepers and Animal Keepers are working under the Zoo Ranger to take care of the needs of the animals in their proper upkeep.

The Veterinary Section is other most crucial section of the zoo. It is headed by the Veterinary Officer. One Assistant Veterinary Officer is also there to help and support him. Other paramedical staffs work under him to mange the affairs. They are responsible for proper medical care of the animals during sickness. They are also responsible to decide the feed of the animals and to take preventive measures including routine check up of animals. The zoo has a modern well equipped Veterinary Hospital in the campus with all diagnostic facilities and required personnel.

The Sanitary Section is headed by a Sanitary Inspector. He is responsible for maintenance of clean and hygienic environment of the zoo.

The Stores Section is responsible for procurement and supply of all essential items required for the operation and maintenance of the zoo. The daily ration of all animals is received by the store section and then it is distributed to different animal houses as per requirement of each animal everyday. An Assistant Storekeeper is head of this section.

The Education Section is mandated with the dissemination of conservation awareness message of the zoo among its visitors. They carry out the works of publication of zoo literature and organize special conservation related programmes for the masses and other target groups. The zoo signages are managed by this section. The Curator (Education) is the officer at the helm of affairs of this section. He is assisted by Education Assistants.

The Research Section is carrying out the job of in-house data collection and basic research on various aspects of animals in captivity in the zoo. They also guide and supervise the students from universities and colleges in preparation of their dissertations. This Section is under Curator (Education) with Biological Assistant to assist him.

The safety and security of the vast stretch of zoo including its animals, visitors and infrastructure is looked after by the Security Section. They are responsible to maintain round the clock vigil in the zoo. It is under a Security Supervisor.

The Garden Superintendent is the head of the Garden Section. He is responsible for maintenance of the greenery of the zoo including its lawns and gardens. This section is also maintaining a small vermin compost unit to meet the manure requirement of the zoo.

The responsiblity of day to day maintenance of the animal enclosure and all infrastructure of the zoo is with the Maintenance Section. This section is under a Works Supervisor. The zoo has a Workshop with support staff to take care of maintenence job.