Brow Deer (Cervus eldii eldii)
Scientific classification:
Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Class : Mammalia
Order : Artiodactyla
Family : Cervus
Subfamily : Cervinae
Genus : Cervus
Species : eldii eldii
Common name : Sangai Deer
Scientific name : Cervus eldii eldii
Important Facts
Coat color Males are dark brown. Females are yellow brown
Shoulder height 110 - 125 cms.
Body length 95 - 115 cms.
Weight 125 - 175 kg
Height 120 cms.
Life span 12  - 15 years
Adulthood       2 - 2.5 years
Gestation period 240 days
Litter size 1
Inhabits on the water filled depressions of the Keibul Lamjao.
The Thamin or Brow - Antlered Deer, is indigenous to Southeast Asia. There are 3 recognized subspecies. The Manipuri Brown-antlered Deer Cervus eldii eldii in Manipur.The Burmese Brow-antlered Deer Cervus eldii thamin in Myanmarand Thailand. The Thailand Brow-antlered Deer Cervus eldii siamensis in Cambodia, China, Lao, Thailand and Viet Nam.
(a) Grasses
(b) Green leaves
(c) Buds of flowers and Fruits
(a) Mash - 1.00 kg. per head
(b) Kutti - 4.00 kg. per head
(c) Tree fodder - 0.50 kg. per head