The responsibility of saving the wildlife is not only on the Government, and the efforts of the Government alone can not succeed unless and until the support of masses are there. Although government has its own conservation programme but no programme is successful without the active support of the people. So, the education and awareness of masses is very crucial. Zoos are the best place to sensitize people about glorious past, the present scenario and the gloomy future we are heading towards in the wildlife conservation. At the National Zoological Park, we believe education is the link between people and animals. It is the only tool that can enlighten and sensitize its 1.6 million visitors about the value of conservation and guide them in our endeavors. The role of education becomes all the more important in an institution like zoo because at zoo, people come with the aim of watching animals. The aim of zoos has changed from recreation to conservation. Initially, it was thought that recreation is the only aim of zoos, but now the education is our motto.

Signages Here we concentrate mainly on the educational activities.

Accordingly, we have put in signages about animals at each enclosure with basic information about animals housed therein. The directional signages are also placed at important locations with map of the zoo to guide the visitors.

We are organizing various special programmes to increase awareness among the masses.